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Zeldes Haeggquist & Eck, LLP played a lead role in obtaining final approval of a nationwide consumer class settlement with Apple, Inc. concerning the company’s MagSafe adapter.  Plaintiffs brought this case on behalf of a proposed nationwide class of Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro owners. Plaintiffs alleged that the “MagSafe” adapter, the power cord which comes with the computer, was defectively designed and manufactured.

On March 8, 2012 the federal court in the Northern District of California granted final approval of settlement of this case.  However, several appeals have been filed and no settlement funds may be distributed until all appeals have been resolved. You can call the claims administrator at 888-332-0277.  You also can call us for more information.

Upon the successful resolution of the appeals, the settlement would provide cash payment for purchasers of MagSafe adapters that meet certain requirements, and it will also provide replacement adapters at no charge.  The current deadline to submit a claim was March 21, 2012.

Zeldes & Haeggquist, LLP are responsible for bringing a consumer product defect class action against Apple, Inc. on behalf of a class of over two million purchasers of an alleged defective power adapter. Gordon v. Apple, Inc., Case No. 5:06-cv-05358-JW (N.D. Cal). A nationwide settlement has been approved wherein eligible class members will receive from $25 – $79 each.

Zeldes & Haeggquist, LLP are representing a nationwide class of indirect purchasers of iPods (i.e. people who bought an iPod from someone other than Apple, like Best Buy, Costco, etc.) alleging that Apple, Inc. maintains an illegal monopoly on the digital music market making it impossible to play music and video purchased on iTunes using other portable players. Somers v. Apple, Inc., Case No. 5:07-cv-06507-JW