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Elia Rivas

Location: San Diego

Phone: 619.342.8000

Fax: 619.342.7878

Email: eliar@haelaw.com

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Elia is the newest addition to our team.  She grew up in the countryside of Northern California, where she spent her time enjoying the outdoors, making music, and starting the nonprofit organization The Sugar Plump Fairies, which raises money to provide kids with better access to the arts. Her family instilled within her an appreciation for the natural wonders of the world, a passion for travel, and a love of people.

Elia studied Environmental Studies and Sociology at the University of San Diego, where she was also Vice President of the Jewish Student Union and regularly volunteered at Montgomery Middle School’s after school program. While at USD, Elia also worked with the U.S. Forest Service to help survey and map the territories of two endangered bird species.  She has also worked with Dudek, an environmental consulting company, and with Pizza Port, a local brewery, during college.

After graduating, she followed her passion for travel and spent nine months abroad exploring southern Europe and working in Turkey and England. Upon returning to the U.S., she spent a brief stint working at a pain management clinic in Sacramento before moving back to San Diego and joining the Haeggquist & Eck team.