Pregnancy Disability Law

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Helping Pregnant Employees Fight for Their Rights at Work

If you become pregnant while working for an employer who has five or more employees, you are protected under California law to request reasonable accommodations or leave for your pregnancy. You are also protected from certain workplace actions or decisions that an employer may make based upon your pregnancy.

An employer cannot do the following because you are pregnant:

  • Terminate your employment
  • Refuse to hire you
  • Bar you from applying or interviewing for a position
  • Harass you in any manner
  • Discriminate against you in any manner

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What Is a Pregnancy Disability?

Any physical or mental condition brought on as a result of pregnancy or childbirth hat prevents you from performing essential job duties or would cause you unnecessary risk at work can be considered a pregnancy disability.

You are entitled to request and receive reasonable accommodation such as an office space layout change, adjustments to your workspace, or even reserved parking from your employer.

Can I Get Time Off from Work for My Pregnancy?

Pregnancy Disability Leave is time off from work meant to accommodate pregnancy disabilities. Under California law, you may take as much as 16 weeks of pregnancy disability leave per pregnancy. Importantly, this leave is additional to any other leave you take under the California Fair Employment and House Act, California Family Rights Act, another law governing your eligibility to take leave from work or your employer’s own policies regarding leave.

If your employer isn’t permitting you the time you’re entitled to take leave or is threatening to terminate you for taking leave, contact the pregnancy disability law attorneys in San Diego at Haeggquist & Eck, LLP for help.

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