Getting To Know HAE: Meet Aaron Olsen

This week, meet HAE partner Aaron Olsen, who hails from Park City but now calls Santee home with his wife, Cara, and children, Ryder and Tegan.

Why San Diego?
I fell in love with San Diego while visiting as a child.  Hence, when I decided to attend law school, I applied to school in San Diego and never looked back.  I love this city and call it my home.

What inspired you to pursue a career in law?
Crazy enough, a bet with a friend is what triggered me to take the LSAT.  But, at a deeper level, pursuing a career in law was based on a feeling of helplessness and ignorance.  I watched the world operating around me, and not always in ways that seemed right or fair. I did not fully understand why, or how I could influence change.  I did not want to sit around watching on the sideline, I wanted to understand and I wanted to create change.

Why did you choose to pursue plaintiff’s work?
Because that is where my heart and values are – fighting for everyday people like me, my family, and my community.

What has been your most exciting moment as a lawyer?
Trying a case on behalf of an amazing client with one of California’s best employment trial lawyers in California, David deRubertis, along-side my mentor, partner and one of the brightest attorneys I know, Alreen Haeggquist.

Favorite “locals-only” SD spot or activity?
Hiking the backside of Mission Trails.  Hanging out on the patio with live music at Helix Brewing Co. in La Mesa (a hidden little gem).

What’s your perfect SD day?
An early morning hike, ride, paddle board or other activity in the cooler morning air, followed by a meal at one of the many amazing breakfast joints in SD.  Then a relaxing afternoon at home by the pool reading something enjoyable.  In the evening, a walk around Lake Murray, followed by dinner and drinks.  Then to bed!

I don’t leave home without…
A positive attitude and being thankful to live another day.

Favorite leisure activity?
Lately, learning about blockchain technology.  In my very limited free time, I find all I want to do is learn more about this amazing and interesting technology.

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?
I am terrified of flying. But would probably love skydiving.  Try to solve that conundrum.

Why HAE?
The people, the work, and the accomplishments.  The people are bright, honest, fun and hardworking.  The work is righteous and exciting.  And HAE’s accomplishments are measurable, outstanding, and, in some cases, record-setting.

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