Getting To Know HAE: Meet Amber Eck

For our second installment of “Getting To Know HAE,” meet consumer class action attorney extraordinaire Amber Eck. A native of Missoula, Montana, Amber lives in Point Loma with Jeff, her husband of 24 years, and their two daughters, ninth grader Jordyn and seventh grader Kathryn.

Why San Diego?
I love the people, the beach, the weather.  I immediately fell in love with San Diego when I came for my first summer law school job 23 years ago, and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

What inspired you to pursue a career in law?
My father was a lawyer and mediator, and I saw that he was able to help people who weren’t able to help themselves.

Why did you choose to pursue plaintiff’s work?
The people. I wanted to be able to help people who had been wronged, and to stand up for people who had been taken advantage of.  It’s challenging work, but it’s really gratifying and rewarding to help clients get the results they deserve.

What has been your most exciting moment as a lawyer?
There have been so many little exciting moments, but my most exciting “big” moment was helping obtain a $25 million settlement for consumers in our class action against Donald Trump and Trump University after seven long years, and just 10 days before trial.

Favorite “locals-only” SD spot or activity?
Dog Beach with my Lab rescue pup, Bo.

What’s your perfect SD day?
As much as I love all my kids’ activities, any day with no sports games, meets, musical rehearsals, errands to run and laundry to do, so that we’re free to go to the beach, pool, ride our bikes, or just sit around and read and play games sounds pretty perfect to me.

I don’t leave home without my…
Mini first aid kit. As a former Girl Scout leader, it’s always in my purse or backpack; you never know when you (or someone else) might need it!

Favorite leisure activity?
I love scuba diving and snorkeling, especially with friends.

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?
Shortly after Rollerblades first came out, I travelled up to San Francisco and entered a Rollerblade race in hilly Golden Gate Park – and I didn’t even know how to brake yet!

 Why HAE?
I am so proud to be a partner at Haeggquist & Eck and of what we have accomplished so far and what we will be able to achieve.  I am grateful to be litigating cases I love and am passionate about, representing consumers, employees and shareholders.

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