Hometown: I grew up in an obscure New England town you’ve probably never heard of before

Family stats: Oldest of four brothers; Married to a lovely and talented tax attorney; Baby Pike #1 due early October!

Neighborhood: Normal Heights. Why be normal?

Why San Diego: I moved to San Diego in the summer of 2009 because there was a recession on and I had nothing else to do. Best decision I ever made, because it felt like home to me the second I stepped off the plane.

What inspired you to pursue a career in law? Although people have, at various points throughout my life, tacitly suggested I might enjoy law practice, I went to law school basically on a whim, looking for a change of pace. I loved it. This work challenges me intellectually like nothing else ever has.

Why did you choose to pursue plaintiffs work? Because, contrary to conventional wisdom, we don’t live in a “litigation crazed” society. The last thing anybody wants to do is call a lawyer for any reason, so we’re really the last stop in what has been a difficult, frustrating, sometimes humiliating journey for a lot of people. If someone has been pushed to a last resort, I want to be of service to that person.

What has been your most exciting moment working in the law? I’m more of a legal nerd than anything else, so I find the work more interesting than exciting.

Favorite “locals-only” SD spot or activity? Ponce’s Mexican Restaurant in Kensington. I have a group of friends and we seriously joke we are a “Ponce’s Posse” because we eat there so often.

What’s your perfect SD day? Life’s too good for only one perfect day, but I think it’s hard to beat waking up early so I can take my doggo to the beach, making pancakes home, doing anything outside for the afternoon, and wrapping up the day with a group trip to Ponce’s, supra, for margaritas and Mexican food.

I don’t leave home without a mechanical timepiece, because it’s important to stay in touch with our analog nature in an increasingly digital world.

Favorite leisure activity? Trying to catch a fish.

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you? I have serious skills in the kitchen.

If I could have dinner with anyone in history, it would be probably my gastronomical hero, Anthony Bourdain from before he was on TV.

Why HAE? Because Haeggquist & Eck is like a family where my colleagues look out for each other, and we all look out for our clients.