Hometown: San Diego

Family stats: I come from a small but awesome family, the majority living here in San Diego.

Neighborhood: North Park

Why San Diego: Born and raised here!

What inspired you to pursue a career in law? I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing. I happened to fall into my first position working for a solo practitioner and found the work interesting. 

Why did you choose to pursue plaintiffs work? I didn’t know I would end up in plaintiffs work but I am really happy that I did. I think the most rewarding aspect is having the opportunity to help people who have had their rights violated. It acts as a reminder that the work we do, really can have a positive impact on a person’s life and help to rectify a negative situation.

What has been your most exciting moment working in the law? Participating in trial preparation, witnessing opening and closing statements from our attorneys and rooting on our team.

Favorite “locals-only” SD spot or activity? Live Wire.

What’s your perfect SD day? Starting the morning with some yoga, having breakfast with friends, hitting the beach to watch the sunset, and seeing some live music in the evening.

I don’t leave home without Sunscreen.

Favorite leisure activity? Camping, taking photographs, watching movies.

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you? My grandmother immigrated from Puerto Rico to the U.S. in the 1940’s, with nothing else. I think of how brave she was to have left her homeland and it instills a sense of pride in me.

If I could have dinner with anyone in history, it would be Issa Rae. I’ve followed her career for about a decade now and have been a big fan of the relatable characters and dialog she creates on her T.V. show.

Why HAE? Because it feels like home.