Gov. Brown Signs Legislation Expanding Employee Protections in California

Gov. Brown Signs Legislation

In a sweeping move to expand the protections of California’s Fair Pay Act, Governor Brown has signed legislation that will prohibit employers from race and ethnicity discrimination in the payment of wages. SB 1063 amends the state Fair Pay Act to include race and ethnicity and prohibits an employer from paying any employee at wage rates less than the rates paid to employees of another race and ethnicity for substantially similar work.
In another positive development for employee rights in California, Governor Brown has signed AB 1676, which amends the Fair Pay Act to clarify that an employee’s prior salary cannot be the basis for any disparity in compensation when compared to a co-worker of the opposite sex who is doing substantially similar work.
The employee rights advocates at Zeldes Haeggquist & Eck applaud Gov. Brown and the members of the California Legislature who championed this important legislation!