Scales of Justice

Trump University Update

We’re obviously thrilled that the Ninth Circuit rejected Ms. Simpson’s objection and agreed with Judge Curiel that our $25 million settlement — which we reached nearly a year and a half ago — is fair and reasonable. We would particularly point to the language of the last few paragraphs of the Court’s order (attached here for your reference), in which the Court considered the “risks, expense, complexity, and likely duration of further litigation” against “the fairness of the settlement as a whole, which the court estimated would provide class members with almost a full recovery.”

The Ninth Circuit panel’s decision was unanimous and unequivocal in affirming the district court’s approval of the settlement — and for that reason, we don’t believe Ms. Simpson has any legitimate options available to her at this time to further stall disbursement of the settlement to the thousands of class members anxiously awaiting recovery in this case. Under the terms of the settlement approved by the Court, class members are slated to receive 90 percent or more of the value of what they paid for Trump University.  This is a truly phenomenal result.

This has been an incredibly long, hard fight — and today’s ruling brings thousands of Americans one step closer to finally putting Trump University behind them.  We’re more committed than ever to ensuring this settlement isn’t derailed by Ms. Simpson and her attorneys, and we encourage class members to check the website for more information on the Ninth Circuit’s order.