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Employment Law

We represent employees in cases involving wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, disability, wage theft, and equal pay issues. If you’ve been treated unfairly at work due to your race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or medical condition, or if you haven’t been paid fairly and correctly or provided meal and rest breaks, we want to hear from you.

Sexual Harassment

We offer a free consultation to review the facts of your situation, determine if you have been subjected to unlawful harassment at work, and advise you of your legal rights. Don’t continue to suffer in silence. Contact Haeggquist & Eck today for a free consultation at 619-342-8000.

Class Action Law

Class actions are based on the idea that there is strength in numbers. They allow individuals file lawsuits to challenge unfair, unsafe, or illegal practices. While the prospect of a class action may seem overwhelming to a single person, this type of suit can successfully reform or stop unfair practices more successfully than an individual claim could.

Personal Injury

At Haeggquist & Eck, we’re dedicated to helping accident victims and their loved ones overcome physical and emotional trauma and rebuild their lives. We understand that every situation is unique. We will help you understand your legal rights, and help guide you down the best path forward. Our overarching goal is for our clients to find justice and move forward.