Haeggquist & Eck, LLP  –  Client Testimonials

“Thank you for taking my case and for fighting hard on my behalf. I am lucky to have found your firm and grateful that you took my case.”
K.D., Former client

“We couldn’t have picked a better partner to help us navigate the complicated and ever-changing legal landscape of State & Federal Employment Law.  Thank you ZH Law, we find great comfort in knowing you’re on our side. We overwhelmingly recommend your counsel.”
J.L., Client

“When the judge tells us, ‘you have a great attorney’ – that’s a great thing to hear.  I recommend Zeldes & Haeggquist to anybody needing legal representation.”
C.Z., Former client

“The attorneys in this firm are very professional and have a tremendous amount of experience with complex cases.”
M.M., San Diego Citizen

“I would highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for an aggressive attorney to represent them in San Diego.”

“Excellent work, quick to respond, and a pleasure to work with.  I would not hesitate recommending them to anyone.”

“They thought of everything and did a great job of informing me about the entire process. Everything they do is top notch.  I would recommend them without hesitation.”
K.P., Former client

“All of your hard work, time and consideration on my case is truly deeply appreciated … For my family and I, this is truly a success story and will share all the hard work you all have done with the world ….”
O.R., Former client

“Thanks again for making this whole experience as painless as possible; you really made Louis and I feel comfortable and secure throughout the process.  Hopefully we won’t have any future legal issues, but if we do, we know just who to call!”
B.K., Former client

“Your professional approach and seasoned advice were instrumental in bringing my issues … to an amicable and speedy resolution and will long be remembered.
B.H., Former client

“I want to take this opportunity for the great job you and Ms. Eck did for all us … If anyone needs legal counsel, I will definitely will be recommending to you and Mrs. Eck. Once again thank you so much.”
R.L., Former client

“Once again, thank you and the firm for all you’ve done.”
K.S., Former client

“Thank you for all the work that you and Amber put in on this case, Abe and I are truly grateful.”
D.W., Former client

“Mr. Olsen was very helpful in a very important class action case. We would have lots of questions and he answered them! He also kept us informed along the way until the case was settled. I would definitely recommend Aaron Olsen if anyone had a similar case.”
A.P., Former client

“Alreen handled my case with the up-most professionalism and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the outcome. I will use her for all my future legal needs and give her my Highest Recommendation. She sets a new standard for lawyers.”
Anonymous, Former client

“Attorney Eck is an excellent attorney, and will help you every step of the way. She knows the law, and will use it for your best interest. If you want a good attorney, choose Amber Eck. You won’t be sorry.”
V.A., Former client

“Ms. Eck is the attorney you want on your side. She is tireless, competent and always available. If you are ever in the unfortunate situation where you need legal representation, Ms. Eck is absolutely worth your consideration.”
K.M., Former client

“We settled and paid were paid in full, in just a few months …. Great Job Amber! I was kept abreast of all moves by the defense.”
K.P., Former client

“Amber Eck is everything I look for in an attorney including intelligent, experienced, and forthright.  Ms. Eck handled an employment case for my daughter with the utmost professionalism and successfully negotiated a settlement that exceeded our expectations.  I would not hesitate to retain Ms. Eck and ZHE in the future if the need arises.”
E.B., Former client

“What amazing lawyers! I came to them upon a recommendation from another attorney and everyone in the office lived up to their reputation!”
G.P., Former client

“The day I entered this office I knew I landed in the right place.”
S.C., Former client

“Aaron Olsen is an experienced attorney representing employees in wrongful termination and wage and hour disputes.  His hard work and dedication definitely set him apart from other attorneys in his field.  I highly recommend his firm!”
N.B., San Diego Family Law Attorney

“What a great law firm!  …. They were quick to respond and lend a helping hand … I would not hesitate recommending them to any of my friends or peers in the future.”
J.Q., Former client

“Everything they do is top notch. I would recommend them without hesitation.”
K.P., Former client

“I highly recommend Alreen! She was responsive, professional, and helped me make the best choices for my case. I’m thankful that I came to her with my issue.”
S.K., Former client

“I highly recommend Alreen Haeggquist of Zeldes, Haeggqauist & Eck, LLP, for any and all attorney service needs and or issues regarding employment law representation in the state of CA. Alreen provided me with the highest level of professional expertise.”
E.W., Former client

“With Alreen, I wasn’t just a client; I was a human being, a person who needed her help … I cannot imagine having been represented by anyone else. I would highly recommend her to anyone, even if you are unsure or just have questions. She is AMAZING!”
K.J., Former client

“If your issue is a case that falls within this firms range, you can rest assured, you will get the best possible service.”
R.D., Former client

“Amber Eck represented us on a case and we were delighted with the overall professionalism of the firm and the results.”
P.W., Former client

“You not only elevate our profession, but through those efforts give a much needed hand up to many in our community.”
Consumer Attorneys of San Diego to Alreen Haeggquist

“Alreen’s dedication and altruistic nature epitomize the California Western spirit.”
President and Dean, California Western School of Law

“As one of the named plaintiffs in the class action against Donald Trump and Trump University, I would like to thank Amber Eck and the entire selfless legal team — THE BEST IN THIS WORLD — who toiled so tirelessly over so many years without accepting a dime for their efforts!   Amber, you are NUMBER ONE for letting me in the door to become a plaintiff in this David vs. Goliath battle!  Achieving a settlement of $25 million is an incredible victory, and we could not have done any of this without all of you!”
S.L., Former client

“As the initial Plaintiff in the class action lawsuit against Trump University and Donald Trump, I would like to thank your firm so much for everything. I appreciate all of your support through this nearly seven years of what had become the most difficult time of my life outside of losing my mother. However I feel like this is now the biggest victory of my life…to have touched 7000 lives…something a regular person would not normally have the power to do…overwhelms me with emotion when I really think about it.  Thank you also for so generously foregoing your fees to serve the class. I know that decision couldn’t have been easy but rest assured this huge triumph will be a career changer for all of you. You — a female run firm — were the only firm to accept the case when other male-run firms turned me down. You were the only ones who had the guts to take the case. Thank you again for making an impact on my life and so many others.”
T.M., Former client

“Alreen, You have been a beacon of hope for me through this ordeal. Thank you so much for believing in the case and leading the charge. I had a lot of self-doubt and was worried about how this would negatively affect my health. Your positive outlook and belief in me helped me stay strong. I’ll never be able to repay you for that. With the deepest gratitude, thank you!”
G.A., Former client

“Jenna, My debt of gratitude will never be able to be repaid. All I can say is thank you for believing in me and the case. With sincere appreciation.”
G.A., Former client

“I appreciated all the time and attention Jenna gave my case, I felted if I was her only client.”
T.C., Former client

“Best lawyer I could have fighting for me, Alreen Is extremely knowledgeable and helped me understand the process.”
R.D., Former client

“The day I entered this office I knew I landed in the right place. I was wrongfully terminated because I refused to allow the Resort I worked for to garnish my wages by illegally changing my time records. I felt broken from this situation but once I met Jenna, Amber, Arleen and the whole team they made me feel like I had the support I needed to fight back for what was right. I never once felt the need to question their opinion, strategy or decision, they always took the time to listen and give their advice. The team at ZHE Law gave me confidence and worked hard In my case, I am happy to say my case was settled! The amount of work this team put in on my behalf was worth every penny. I hope to never need their assistance again but if I do they are definitely the team I will call. Thank You everyone at ZHE, you all are amazing and do great work.”
T.C., Former client